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"It's with a grateful heart I am saying THANK YOU!...I received in the mail the much needed CD disc to replace my precious stolen BookCoverPro software! I really valued this software, as it made everything possible for me to simply and effectively create a professional well designed cover for my books. With an overjoyed heart of thanks, I am so thankful of your doing this. It has been a terrible time trying to recover from the theft of my computer, software, and all my publishing work. but your help to try to reassemble and begin again is remarkable. Thank you, again." —Bishop Karon Stevenson, Divine Purpose International

"Thank you for your help. I was able to complete the cover project and get it to the printer in time. I used an older version of your product for the cover of my first book, How To Start Your Own Process Serving Business. That book has been selling well. The new cover I created is for my second book, How To Start A Successful Mystery Shopping Business. I will be using your product in the future and highly recommend it. Customer service is fast." —James E. Lowery, CPPS, Lowery Professional Services Corporation

"I just wanted you to know that I did the download last night & am thrilled with the results. I’ve just completed the draft for my first cover & it couldn’t have been simpler to use. I started with one of your templates then completely modified it for my purposes. Thanks. How about possibly adding a page or two of actual covers that purchasers have created from your software? Let would-be customers know what can be done by inexperienced people using your product. Just a thought. Thanks again." —G. Alvin Simons,  

"The longer I use your software the more I appreciate it.  While it, appears, at first, too simple.  It actually does a great deal more as I learn to work with it. I also appreciate the “intuitive” manner in which it operates.  It is EASY to start learning how to use it."  —Barbara Rainess -

"We are so excited about using BookCoverPro in our publishing business. It is fun and easy to work with, plus it allows us to work faster and with more flexibility in our publishing schedule. We especially love all the updates that are included, the fact that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it, as well as the great customer support.” —Anthony and Crystal Obey

"...After struggling through Photoshop and pulling my hair out, I highly recommend BookCoverPro as the easiest way to create professional [book] covers.” —Brian Bischof,

"The 3d e book cover looks great! Thank you very much.  As I said before, I really enjoyed working with your program and look forward to using it for my next book." —Anthony Marolda, Purgatory Island

"I’m so happy! My proof arrived today and the cover looks wonderful! There were no problems or questions from the printer. BookCoverPro has saved me thousands of dollars in design fees, and thousands of minutes of quibbling with designers. I wish I’d found your software sooner but I didn’t even search because I expected graphics software to be too technical for me. It’s terrific that I don’t have to be a techie to use this product. it’s so easy that it’s actually fun! Thank you for developing a quality product that’s effective, user-friendly and affordable!” —Marilyn Haight

"I love, love, love your product!!! I’m an active member of the Women’s National Book Association and award winning member of the National Federation of Press Women, and I’ll definitely pass the word of your company along. Especially at my book tables for future book signings with your book covers!” —Brenda Ervin, Barndoor Publishing

"I have produced three covers for three books that I plan to publish through the print-on-demand company Lightning Source. The three covers seem great to me. Your program is really intuitive and I was able to produce all three in only two or three days. I now have the luxury of tweaking alternatives that are all very good, and deciding which I will finally use. Thank you very much for a program that has let me get to this position much quicker than I thought possible.” —Fernando Quiros

"...What a breath of fresh air in today’s business climate. I just published the 2nd edition of my book Standing The Watch: The greatest Gift with the newly designed cover using BookCoverPro and I am totally thrilled. My printer took the PDF file and said after looking at it, “Perfect, just what we need.” Can’t beat that with a stick if you tried, right? Use my testimonial any way you please as I am one satisfied customer.” —Rebecca Brown, Publisher, Big River Press

"I want to say that the bookcoverpro is brilliant and I like it very much." —Kelvin Edokpolo Bigedo International UG

"...Love this program. Very easy and intuitive to use.” —Judy McFarlen

"Hi Angie, I received the cd today, and I wish to thank you for all of your help. The program is amazing.” —Randy Belaire  

"I received my book from the printers today and the cover is brilliant. I cannot rate your software high enough, and the automatic updates work a treat. As I said before, a brillant program and a lifesaver. Thanks a million.” — Fred Harding, Author –

"Hello BookCoverPro designers and employees— I honestly have to say that this is the best software for both beginning and continuing publicists they can ever encounter! This software is easily accessible (per whichever download and purchase price you choose from) and not very hard to use. As a starting up company, we are beginners in this whole “book publishing” world and look forward to a very successful lifetime of creating and selling books. We would very much like to thank the designers of BookCoverPro as they have made our 'publishing lives' a bit more easier to handle! The best part we enjoy [about] this software is that it allows one to simply insert one’s ISBN number! All you have to do is type the number in, hit apply and you’re done! The graphics and inserting ones’ wording is also very easy to use! We at BDB Publishing, LLC thank you—BookCoverPro—for everything you’ve done with this software and most of all, greatly appreciate the sincereness, support and understanding towards the responses in our email inquiries. Take care and God bless!!” —S. Solorio, Publicist for Cedric L. Dean, Author,

"I love your product and self-published an e-book using the software.  I hope to utilize it for some of my other projects in the near future."  —Rebecca Reitz-Weidemiller  

"Thank you for your wonderful software. It has been giving us newbie publishers & those that can’t afford a high end designer at the moment a competitive edge. Before we had to wait and wait before publishing with a professional cover! Now I just prepare my book and go design my cover using Book Cover pro and, voila, I’m ready to go to press!" —Earma Brown Butterfly Press  

"As a self-publisher, BookCoverPro is my favorite purchase, love it! P.S. Plus I am saving hundreds of dollars.” —Bernie Malonson

"BCP is an excellent program. I found it to be very easy and intuitive with which to work; and has the capability to produce highly professional-looking dust jackets in a short time.  You are only limited by your own creativity." —Anthony Marolda

“We do love Book Cover Pro - it is so easy to use. This is our second book cover created using it and we will certainly be using it for more. Very professional designs and easy to use!” —Cheryl MacDonald, May 11, 2013

I have 3 books that I market and I designed all the covers with BCP. One has been especially successful and is being used in private schools, homeschools, and a college or two. I couldn’t have done it without your program. I loved that it could do all I needed without being radically complicated and taking months to figure out. It’s just a truly great product and I recommended it to everyone.” —Laurie White,  - King Alfred’s English